Yay vacation!
2002-04-05 17:30:35 ET

It's Friday, I'm off work, and I don't have to come back for a week! Well, other than on Tuesday when they're having the breakfast to give out perfect attendance awards, which I'm making a point of going to just because perfect attendance is just really really weird for me. I managed not to get too sick and avoided taking "mental health days".

The guy who's doing my work for me next week has my cell phone number in case he needs help (but if that happens before noon, eat voicemail!). I'm sleeping in!

I'm not going away anywhere, just relaxing and doing some things that need doing like getting some new glasses. I might head out to some club nights or events I don't usually get to go to because they're during the week. Vacation...the most beautiful word there is!

2002-04-05 17:34:59 ET

come up to richmond hill and get drunk w/ me! heh

2002-04-05 20:01:03 ET

Glasses will do good!

2002-04-05 21:28:29 ET

get some g0ggles y0, and shave that hed too!

2002-04-06 17:27:46 ET

It is shaved. But we don't do the goggle thing in Toronto, for some reason. I wouldn't even know where to find some.

2002-04-10 19:08:48 ET

surplus my friend, its all about the military clothing... have fun on your vacation!

2002-04-11 03:39:25 ET

I'm trying to get perscription lenses fitted into mein goggles. Good for we miopic folk :)

2002-04-12 08:28:43 ET

av, planning to do same thing for Burning Man. ;)

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