The power of Christ compels you!
2004-04-07 12:01:17 ET

The Exorcist re-enacted in just 30 bunnies!

2004-04-07 12:03:33 ET

i liked it when damien cried, "take meee" then gave a nasty groan and flew out the window-- all under five seconds

where is the peepee-on-the-rug scene?? :/

2004-04-07 12:06:51 ET

where's the crucifix dildo scene? Besides that, it was perfect.

2004-04-07 12:10:47 ET

heh funny stuff

2004-04-07 12:36:16 ET

Ha! Nice.

2004-04-07 19:24:43 ET

I saw that last week.. it's awesome.

2004-04-14 12:51:32 ET


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