Owwie owwie owwie!!!
2004-05-05 06:16:39 ET

Might as well post the toothache saga here as well:

6:05 am
Not happy at ALL
I have a toothache and it's hurting like a bastard! And no, there's nothing for me to do about it except to whine about it here because there's no dentist's office open for another TWO HOURS. :(

It's seriously awful...I mean, if on a scale on 1 to 10, 10 is the worst pain I've ever felt in my life from anything, this is AT LEAST an 8...and it goes on and on and on. And it's an incisor too, so if they have to take it out it's really going to suck!

Fuck, give me opiates or give me death!

9:13 am
Update on the toothache...after an ungodly amount of ibuprofen, it's tolerable....just. First few dentists I went to were closed or all booked up for the day so now I'm at work and I'll have to see if I can line one up for later in the afternoon. My old dentist, that I went to for years and probably would have managed to fit me in no matter what - retired last year. I, of course, procrastinated on finding a new one...so here I am. Wow, I suck.

11:06 am
Okay, found a new dentist - the animated tooth on their web page sells me!

Well, the fact they can actually give me an appointment sells me. They also seem pretty nice. I'll let everyone know if I still have any teeth later on.

2004-05-05 06:20:30 ET

that sounds fun. make sure you take the tooth home with you and put it under your pillow tonight.

2004-05-05 07:34:45 ET

If it's a good dentist, let me know - I'm looking for a new one.

2004-05-05 10:03:21 ET

The floating hand that's brushing that tooth? That's the invisible hand that's guiding the market. Yup.

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