When the big kids play Barbie...
2002-07-08 20:35:52 ET

Wow...the things you find when you get bored. This is amusing...and yet scary at the same time. Definitely not work-friendly - so look at it when you get home!


Come see what Ken and Barbie REALLY get up to.

2002-07-08 20:40:04 ET


Now post the raver porn pics.

2002-07-08 21:47:31 ET

That is very scary. Paying monthly subscriptions to see chics steping on men. Or chics fucking balloon. Are those even valid long-term fetishes?

2002-07-09 08:06:48 ET

I've been to plenty of the ballooners sites.

I used to browse PortalofEvil.com religiously.

There are so many screwed up fetishes...

Frankly, balloons XXX hot anal BALLOON action AWWYEA

2002-07-09 08:20:29 ET


2002-07-10 22:56:39 ET

Heh he he he. Dolls.

2002-07-11 07:00:57 ET

Anal ballons...

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