Just came across this wonderful word today
2004-06-23 16:35:31 ET

Mamihlapinatapai is a word which desperately needs to be snatched up by the English language. If only it were't so long and unwieldy. Then again, we do use similarly long and difficult words like schadenfreude. It's from the language of the Yaghan, a people who live in Tierra del Fuego, and essentially means this:

"To look at each other, each hoping the other will offer to do something which both parties much desire done but which neither is willing to do."

I've definitely been in that situation, and quite recently, too. Now I have a word for it. Cool!

2004-06-23 16:42:13 ET

How the hell did you find that word? that is the most awsome word ever!

2004-06-23 17:03:34 ET

I've been trying to pronounce it for three minutes and I'm still failing.

2004-06-24 07:17:42 ET

My guess is something like mommy-lia-pinata-pie.

2004-06-24 11:35:15 ET

I think I got it...

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