2004-06-25 11:08:30 ET

Stripper shortage in Canada

Whatever shall we do?! PANIC! :-P
Heh....I didn't know there was a such a serious shortage of strippers they had to be imported like crazy.

2004-06-25 11:11:14 ET

I'm outraged that one needs a liscence to strip dance. >: O

The same is true in teh US I believe. Or at least in Cali. According to someone I know.

2004-06-27 23:08:37 ET

That's unreal, From Romania with Lap Love.

2004-06-29 13:49:55 ET

and to think, someone has a government payed job to interview women and have them prove that they can dance naked. oh how he suffers for others.

2004-06-29 14:21:31 ET

I wonder which position he got bumped up from. I wonder how his job interview goes. "oh, I hang out in peeler bars once in a while..."

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