"Trick" or treat!
2004-08-20 02:11:13 ET

Is your little girl tired of dressing up as a cat or a fairy? This year, she can don the Child Ho costume. Just hope nobody makes her work for her candy.

The boys aren't left out of the fun - there's a Child Pimp Suit just for them!

Why, oh why, don't people *think* before selling this stuff?

2004-08-20 06:04:25 ET

oh. my. gods.

Then again, the girl's ho costume is a lot less revealing than those beauty pageant outfits.

2004-08-20 06:30:47 ET

oh wow.. that looks...legal

2004-08-20 07:39:48 ET

that's awesome.
I'm in love with this world.

2004-08-20 08:13:58 ET

the idea of the 1920s "HO" look seemed to have outdated itself when hentai artists invented this:

and this:

2004-08-20 09:42:52 ET

antony green, bless your dear heart. <3 cartoon mammaries!

2004-08-20 10:54:46 ET

ROFL. at work.

2004-08-20 23:27:30 ET

gotta watch that NSFW stuff.

really funny costume though.

2004-08-21 13:20:18 ET

They all have their nipples covered - that makes it safe for work, right? Right? *he says as the security guard comes to take him away*

2004-08-21 20:28:01 ET

but I thought people thought nipples are safe! Or else why'd they make sequels like the red shot diaries (porn-star girls you see sitting at a gas station donut bar threatening guys to go down on them or they'll suicide) that plays after 10 p.m.? Or threesome scenes in Nip/Tuck?

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