2004-10-18 10:58:10 ET

The KMFDM concert last night was quite good, though it did suffer a little from the "we have to control our machines so we can't move" phenomenon that afflicts some shows. It suffered more from the opening act, but the less said about that, the better.

Later that night by sheer luck, I ended up drinking with Sascha K. You may all die of jealousy now. :-P

2004-10-22 05:58:55 ET

What do you expect industrial band members to do?

their visuals are not meant to entertain.

2004-10-22 06:25:43 ET

I expect them to do circus tricks, duh!

Not really. Doing a little more than standing behind their carts of stuff singing might have made a good concert great. A classical thing would be to bang on random stuff - but then they aren't Neubauten so that probably wouldn't do. When I saw Ministry they had a good idea - they had cow skulls that looked like they'd been fitted with sensors to trigger different things when they hit them.

2004-10-22 10:48:55 ET


well to tell you the truth it shouldn't be surprising if KMFDM was lipsyncin'.

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