2004-10-28 13:18:28 ET

100,000 excess deaths in Iraq since American invasion

Way to go, guys.

2004-10-28 14:09:25 ET

George W. Bush should be tried for war crimes.

2004-10-28 17:44:20 ET

you see, by "freedom", we mean "depopulation".

2004-10-28 17:57:42 ET

I'm so skeptical of any interweb news reports anymore with all the bullshit coming from both sides

2004-10-29 00:00:11 ET

That's not a purely internet news source, SPG. That's a newspaper.

2004-10-29 00:02:14 ET


apparently three other news sources--and that's just at the top of Google--don't think it's bullshit.

how ya like the news now?

2004-10-29 05:34:14 ET

I don't know...cbs ran some "news" too just recently that wasn't really news.

the whole thing strikes me kind of odd. I know that civilians have been killed, and probably a lot of them. But I can't stop thinking that it could just be a ploy to get everyone to revolt or give everyone more of a reason to vote kerry, because honestly, when you hear 100,000 people mostly women and children, what is your first thought?

2004-10-29 06:16:41 ET

The original source is appearing in The Lancet, a peer-reviewed and fairly prestigious medical journal. That's what makes this more credible than the usual news factoid.

2004-10-29 06:56:27 ET

yeah, I read it there after seeing it on the other pages listed

2004-10-29 16:33:09 ET

fox runs plenty of 'news' that isn't news as well...so does CNN.

I do agree, SPG, that that is a HUGE-sounding number, and it sounds conflated to me too. I'm amazed that it may be true.

100,000...isn't that about how many Saddam killed? (Iraqi civillians, that is). Or did he kill a million?

2004-10-29 17:14:44 ET

yeah, everbody does it. and fox news...well, we won't go there hehe.

I've heard anywhere from 100,000 to like half a million on the saddam body count

2004-10-30 08:56:57 ET

It's hard to get an estimate.

2004-10-30 12:04:21 ET

a good estimate anyway

2004-11-01 07:44:49 ET

suffice to say: Saddam killed a lot of people. He usually killed people in prisons or via secret police, or, sent them to war with Iran, or, gassed them if they were Kurds. We did very little to stop this, and financed him when he sent his people off to die to fight Iran.

Now we've killed x number of Iraqis, largely via airstrikes.

Saddam was a Really Bad Man. However, should we invade Cuba next? Sudan? the Dem. Rep of Congo? North Korea? Uzbekistan? Those are all ruled by Really Bad Men who kill their people and defy democracy. I didn't think that was part of the mission of the United States.

Oh, and why haven't we invaded Saudi Arabia? More and more links from Saudi money to Al Qaeda financing.

2004-11-01 07:57:37 ET

don't know. we've typically been a pick and choose type of country when it comes to that. stalin is a prime example of bad d00ds becoming our, somewhat uneasy, allies when needed

2004-11-01 08:18:44 ET

yeah, sorry, the Saudi question was entirely rhetorical. Obviously they are allies. Not allies that I love, but they are allies.

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