New York, New York!
2005-03-05 10:03:03 ET

Assuming we can find a reasonable hotel, some friends and I are going to New York City for the weekend of the 25th. So I need some advice from those of you who have been there or live there.

What kinds of touristy things are there that we *simply must* do, and which are expensive wastes of time?

When and where are good goth and/or industrial nights over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)? Are there any we should avoid?

Any recommendations for great stores to check out?

Any recommendations for cheap(ish) hotels that are somewhat clean and where there aren't things that will eat us? Preferably on Manhattan.

2005-03-05 10:11:51 ET

There are hostels in Harlem.

I also know hotels with hourly rates.

2005-03-05 10:28:48 ET

yeah, dan is good at giving quick tours of Harlem.

2005-03-05 10:37:46 ET

a must is dan's trademarked "tour of sleezy china town"

2005-03-05 11:20:40 ET

$60/hr with tour, $90/hr with service, $170/hr with room!

2005-03-05 14:39:21 ET

I get you Gucci handbags and greasy dumplings. :]

2005-03-05 16:11:04 ET

At that price, there'd better darn well be a "happy ending"!

2005-03-06 18:36:16 ET

A must is a visit to Historic Peekskill, where The Facts of Life was based, and currently the ONLY location where you can receive Stillbjorn's Cheese Steak Sandwich of Death.

2005-03-06 20:57:48 ET

Wow, could we REALLY see where Tootie rollerskated her way into our hearts?! :)

I'm not sure if we can stop in Peekskill - I'll have to discuss that.

2005-03-06 22:05:45 ET

Don't go to Peeksill, Telal.
It is a farce nothing is there.

I will scold you if you go there.

2005-03-07 13:49:55 ET

yeah telal, if you catch lice there, no happy ending from dan for you!

2005-03-07 15:56:10 ET

oh dude...the guy from POUGHKEEPSIE is calling another town a farse?!?!?

2005-03-07 16:03:30 ET

As I type this insult, I reside in Brooklyn. The most thorough borough. :]

2005-03-07 16:10:58 ET

You reside UPSTATE. YOUR MOM resides in brooklyn.

2005-03-07 16:14:25 ET


2005-03-07 16:14:53 ET


2005-03-07 19:05:14 ET

Sure, if she's cute - and if this wouldn't result in my urgently needing consular assistance.

2005-04-08 11:52:45 ET

the empire state building is $13 and if you haven't seen the view from there, you really should. Its fantastic. Its a short walk from times square, which you should probobly at least poke around for a few minuites, theres lots of pretty lights and things.

I've never had the patience for the lines to the statue of liberty, they are insanely long all the time, but to get there take the red 1/9 to the south ferry and follow the signs.

you won't believe what the guggenheim has on display, an Ian Curtis tribute! (Joy Division)
Heres some details on that

hopefully this helps. Manhattan is teh awesome.

2005-04-08 14:42:25 ET

... it would have helped... THREE WEEKS AGO. 8]

2005-04-08 19:24:16 ET

god you're right, I didn't even look at the date. I'm such a failure!

2005-04-08 19:30:47 ET

No worries.
I made it a point to avoid Seņor Telal when he was in town. 8]

2005-04-12 12:41:31 ET

So did everyone else. Bastards.

2005-04-12 17:13:59 ET

hey! you didn't PM me!

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