Don't hurt the kitties!
2002-07-17 18:07:56 ET

This sort of thing thoroughly disgusts and infuriates me.

2002-07-17 18:12:14 ET

*growls and spits*

That's the sort of thing that makes me hunger for grilled human. The Humane Society is the only charity I think worthwhile.

2002-07-17 18:45:09 ET

Aww poor kitty:(

2002-07-17 20:17:12 ET

HOLY CRAP!!! Them asses should be glad it wasn't me that found them doing that!

2002-07-18 08:03:15 ET

That's pretty sick. Even I agree.

2002-07-18 08:07:20 ET

*Cries* :(

2002-07-20 13:00:07 ET

people are bored.

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