2005-05-26 18:30:44 ET

Hee! It's always amusing when acquaintances of yours post naked photos of themselves in a Livejournal group and you end up posting a "Hey, how are you? Oh...I see!" message. :-P

2005-05-26 18:46:11 ET

hahaha, that's excellent.

2005-05-26 22:55:55 ET

You will link it. >: O

2005-05-27 13:49:30 ET

Sure thing, if you really want to see a guy with a hairy chest and a Prince Albert. It'll probably only work if you're a member of the Show Your Boobs community. (technically the Show Your Everything community, but I guess it all started with boobs).

2005-05-28 02:47:46 ET

those communities work like Hallowe'en; it's for people with no guts to show anything who need excuses for leud actions.

I still want to see the photo.

2005-05-28 10:31:38 ET

Here's the relevant link:


Antony, at least will probably have seen this guy before.

2005-05-28 13:45:21 ET

I can't see the photo unless I'm in the damn community. Ewww...I don't want to touch THAT.
I've seen YOU around before.

2005-05-29 00:39:57 ET

It's not me, really! I wouldn't want to inflict that much pain on the Internet community.

2005-05-29 06:04:20 ET

Man, Telal, what happened to you posting pics of yourself topless on the internet?!

2005-05-29 13:28:45 ET

The much-vaunted exercise program never took off, so there's not much point in displaying my non-progress. :(

I don't have any interesting piercings to display below, so that takes care of that.

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