Is modern art seriously fucked or what?
2002-04-14 17:00:24 ET

Pigs with tattoos...and the amazing shit machine!

2002-04-14 17:56:41 ET

erck ... um, is it ok if i don't like it?

2002-04-15 11:40:18 ET

ah, the cloaca machine! my pals saw that in NY.

rivet poo!

2002-04-15 11:50:09 ET

I'm certainly okay if you don't like it. I'm not entirely sure that I like it either. I definitely think the tattooed pigs are stupid (well, in artistic parlance, jejune). Perhaps they are meant to be a comment of sorts directed at people with tattoos.

2002-04-15 11:56:58 ET

Yeah, I agree with Telal.

Definetley a comment on people with tattoos.

2002-04-15 13:38:46 ET

*shakes her head*
i'm not hip with it ... not at all. mechanical poo & inked pigs? you wonder how those ideas actually came to fruition ...

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