Suddenly summer
2002-04-18 17:33:04 ET

It's been very nice to so suddenly be able to walk around outside without a coat. I spent some time yesterday evening doing some shopping - a new shirt, new shorts and of course, new CDs! I did have a kind of surreal and incongruous experience though. There is a new store that opened in a building called College Park, which has a lot of nice and interesting Art Deco features. The new store is part of a chain that sells discount clothing, so as you might imagine the store doesn't quite live up to the grand space it's in.

Imagine Wal-Mart...the cheap clothes, the shelves and the cash registers, inside a large room with a high ceiling and marble-faced columns. Weirrrrrd.

Let me also take the opportunity to whine now about industrial CD prices. $24.99+ a disc, with some exceptions, is insane. Get a clue, HMV!

2002-04-18 17:45:30 ET

no kidding about the CD prices. still, cheaper than importing it.

2002-04-18 20:51:50 ET

hehe ... use the "friends in the States" hookup of finding imports for cheap - you'd be amazed at the prices you can get DIJ for here; i've seen them for $6-30.

2002-04-19 14:06:34 ET

Yeah, CD prices fucking SUCK. Especially if you want sub-decent to decent music.

Try ...
blah, we need to compile a good list for this stuff.

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