Must remember sunblock or a hat...
2002-08-11 11:51:02 ET

This is the downside of using the headblade - Sunburn-head. Ow. Kompressor needs to do a song about that. Fortunately, I have otherwise recovered marvelously from beerfest, hangover-free and ready to return to work on Monday!

2002-08-11 11:52:51 ET

yea, damn. i burned my head once or twice this summer. hurts like a bitch for a few days.

2002-08-11 12:13:23 ET

Remember always wear turban!

2002-08-12 09:30:45 ET

how can your head get sunburned?!?!? I don't get that theory.

2002-08-12 19:49:44 ET

No hair, no protection. Scalp goes sizzle sizzle. Not that I cared at the time after having inhaled $30 worth of beer samples. At least it's not so bad that it's peeling.

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