I'm moving! *happy dance* *happy dance*
2002-08-20 08:03:05 ET

I was informed today that my roommate-to-be and I can move in to the apartment we'd applied for on September 15! It's right downtown, I can actually walk or bike to work (WOW!) and the building seems clean and well taken care of. The view from the balcony is absolutely ASTONISHING. It is on the 24th floor and faces south toward the Toronto skyline, Lake Ontario and the Toronto Islands. There is a kick-ass housewarming party in the near future!

I'm so happy I'm having trouble getting any work done! Whee!

2002-08-20 08:09:02 ET

Am I invited? Will there be food?

2002-08-20 12:40:49 ET

rockin the t-dot!

2002-08-20 13:14:32 ET

rock on, that's when i'll be in town for my birthday and Falk's induction ceremony!
congrats on the apartment!

2002-08-20 13:43:23 ET


Here is a link to a picture of the buildings.
Yes, Bio, if you somehow managed to get to Toronto, you would be invited, and yes, there will be food. How could there not? There is a supermarket on the ground floor!

2002-08-20 13:44:09 ET

nice...you can chuck eggs at the rice-burners.

2002-08-23 21:54:38 ET

damn you rich bastard! Downtown apartments are bloodsuckers!!!
(can I sleep over?)

2002-08-24 14:24:41 ET

It is somewhat expensive, yes, but considering that our second choice was a slightly smaller apartment in Chinatown with a kitchen that was a wreck and was still $950 a month plus utilities, the extra money over that is worth it. It's not even really that much more money because I won't have to take the TTC every day.

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