Trapped! Trapped at home by evil laundry room locking super!
2002-04-27 17:16:23 ET

So I decide to do my laundry tonight because I have no clean pants left and I wanted to go out. I wash and start drying fine, then go back upstairs to my apartment. I come back down BEFORE 10, when the laundry room is supposed to be closed, only to find that it's been closed and locked already. Now I can't go out AND I have to get up early in the morning to get my clothes. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I am NOT happy.

So - anyone know of any other good places to live in Toronto?

2002-04-27 18:16:59 ET

no, not really

2002-04-28 08:05:21 ET


Falk's basement.

2002-04-28 18:22:39 ET

Did you write this in the nude?

2002-04-29 13:25:19 ET

Fortunately/unfortunately (depending on what you were hoping) I wrote that while wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

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