A fine sunny Saturday...
2002-09-07 11:00:17 ET

But I cannot go out, I must pack and do laundry. I found out last night that vanilla vodka rules...and is surprisingly easy to drink too much of. I was quite happy and wobbly on the way back home. :)

2002-09-07 11:14:24 ET

might be something to try to forget about vanilla coke :D

2002-09-07 16:16:57 ET


2002-09-07 16:39:25 ET

mmm ... vanilla Stoli is great stuff - with cranberry and lemon ... *drool*

2002-09-08 19:40:30 ET

am I always missing sight of you at Savage or Vatikan?

2002-09-10 18:27:11 ET

Yes, probably.

2002-09-10 18:55:04 ET

I feel discriminated against.

2002-09-10 18:55:42 ET

I feel discriminated against.

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