Excuse me for whining again.
2002-04-29 22:23:19 ET

Unfortunately, I seem to have gotten a bit overtired or overcaffienated because I was having trouble getting to sleep anyway but now, to my great fury some idiot has parked himself in the lot of the mall across the street from my building and decided to play music as loud as his admittedly impressive car stereo will play it and has continued to do so for over an hour. I kind of hoped whoever it was would finish making out, wanking, eating, whatever the hell it is they're doing and go away quickly. Hasn't happened.

This is bad enough on the face of it, but the music itself is pretty damn horrible. Featured have been Cat Scratch Fever, by Ted Nugent, Benny and the Jets by Elton John and I Love LA by Elvis Costello (not entirely sure on that one, not that I much care if I'm wrong. It's like trying to fall asleep in the middle of a never-ending K-Tel commercial! If it goes on much longer I will be calling police. Or maybe just heading over there with a baseball bat.

Back to bed I go...to lie there, perchance to sleep.

2002-04-30 14:07:06 ET

two words.


2002-05-03 13:03:25 ET

and you shall be granted with Demetrius. Wait. Is that Lazandor you wanted?

2002-05-07 01:05:50 ET

A Bat! Yes! I have been getting through to them after all!

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