All packed (well, almost) and ready to go!
2002-09-14 12:57:14 ET

I went and got the keys to my new apartment today. They repainted (all white, how terribly uplifting), revarnished the floors and even put up netting on the balcony to keep out the pigeons. I'm so excited! Also a bit scared, too, because now it really matters if I keep my job, and for that matter, who knows what my roommate and I will discover about each other that we don't like? Will it be important?

The adventure begins tomorrow!

2002-09-14 14:51:24 ET

Oh man!

Get some cameras in there and make a reality tv show... better yet, just get a webcam and charge people money to see what spicy things go on in your appartment.

Good luck, and I'll be over for the welcoming party.

2002-09-16 06:00:12 ET

no worries about the scary roommate moments. just so long as he doesn't pee on your toothbrush, i think you'll have a great time in your new place and getting to know the new guy!

congrats on the move! :)

2002-09-16 11:14:13 ET

About roommates:
you don't know how many times the guidebook and my don repeated the word RESSSEPPPPPPEECTTTTT to us.

2002-09-17 11:28:06 ET

No pee-flavoured toothbrush so far, but I do know it can be worse. I have a friend who says he came home one night to find his roommate naked on the sofa, legs up in the air, spooning Palmolive into his behind.

2002-09-22 19:25:52 ET

Your collection of odd "believe it or not" stories never seize to disgust me :P

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