Well lookie...I found my favourite torture...
2002-03-26 15:08:22 ET


Witches were tied to you, and burned to a crisp. A classic, though not very nice. People probably tiptoe around you a little.

What torture would you be?

2002-03-26 15:33:32 ET

what criteria led to this? :)

2002-03-26 16:25:00 ET

i see that you like both metal AND celtic music. ever hear of IN EXTREMO ? they rule! some of the best non-industrial stuff i have laid ears on.

2002-03-26 16:29:54 ET

i'm braiding

2002-03-26 16:46:33 ET

Yes...In Extremo are excellent...metal and medieval together! Yay!

2002-03-26 17:23:45 ET

Torture makes the world go round. I liked the Pear but ended up sawn in half

2002-03-27 09:13:54 ET

The mouth pear is a very useful device. I'd love to have some to make people shut up when necessary. :)

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