Wow...long time, no post!
2002-05-10 12:16:27 ET

It's been quite a while since I updated my journal! I've been too busy, too tired or too uninspired. The week goes awfully quickly when I work all day and I'm either in class or reading things for class (or avoiding reading things for class while in Sykochat!) during the evening. I've barely had - or made (I'm not the most organized person in the world) time to get my mind around the issues involved in moving to a new apartment or get my body down to the gym, two things I really really ought to be working on.

I'm being dragged out to a sports bar tonight by some of the guys from work. "Goooooooo Leafs!", I'll yell, like I really cared about sports the rest of the year. :) I'm going to need to repurify myself with Feindflug later.

To conclude, thank god and goddess and whatever strange forces there be, it's Friday!

2002-05-10 18:16:45 ET

hockey. haha.
sorry :P

i can't stand sports.

2002-05-11 17:41:46 ET

Well, the part where a whole bunch of young ladies came into the bar to hand out flags courtesy of a certain beer company was okay. :)

2002-05-11 17:42:36 ET

oooooooooooo which beer company??

2002-05-12 17:05:33 ET

Molson. But that's okay, they weren't handing out beer. :)

2002-05-12 17:08:08 ET

ah, thank god. we have enough urine in the toilets. we don't need it in kegs as well!

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