Friday before vacation....
2002-10-25 09:54:24 ET

This day is soooooooooooooo long...but at the end of it, I have a week off. YAY! I'm not going anywhere, I'm just going to relax, get some of my schoolwork done early and get caught up on some reading I haven't had time to do. All that and try to assemble some sort of Halloween costume. It's either going to be an "Industrial Cheerleader" or an evil magician sort of thing.

As an aside, the new Funker Vogt "Give me a golden shower!" song kills me.

2002-10-25 10:22:14 ET

industrial cheerleader? Tina Turner from MadMax Beyond...comes to mind when i think of those 2 words together.

2002-10-25 10:59:16 ET

More like me in big boots, a pleated skirt and a tank top with silver pom-poms. It would look extremely silly...I don't think I'll even bother shaving my legs if I do this.

2002-10-25 12:20:40 ET

no, don't shave the legs. But get fishnets. ;)

2002-10-25 14:30:31 ET

just don't forget to conceal the garbage. :)

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