Interesting new web toy
2002-11-08 08:54:33 ET tells me that:

telal is now a part of two piece necrotic corpulence
telal is coming to kill the boy who was born in that desert
telal is coming
telal is forcing us into a final confrontation…but we have a big problem
telal is back…and his target appears to be vickie
telal is an unofficial publication of the community liaison office
telal is back *war wants to hear emrys stand up and be counted

2002-11-08 09:48:34 ET

just had to try it:

antoire is originally from haiti
antoire is easily the most incredibly supportive
antoire is here and we're on vacation and i have a lot of stuff to get organized and get ready

2002-11-11 11:21:45 ET

antony green is a regular on abc election night programs
antony green is the abc’s resident election analyst
antony green is universally respected as an analyst
antony green is an election analyst for the abc
antony green is an election analyst with the abc
antony green is the abc's election analyst
antony green is election analyst with abc
antony green is an election analyst with abc
antony green is an expert on political elections and voting behaviour
antony green is the election analyst for abc television
antony green is an election analyst with abc tv
antony green is supposed to present his final tips for the election at about 2pm today
antony green is a fine name for a girl
antony green is also nice

I don't know where the last two lines came in.

2002-11-12 09:47:08 ET

ruminant is also known for its excellent use of fiber sources; however
ruminant is born without
ruminant is functionally a monogastric
ruminant is dependent on microbes as the source of most of its energy and protein
ruminant is from rumen bacteria that flow to the intestine
ruminant is documented in 11 countries of cwana
ruminant is suddenly switched from grass to grain
ruminant is presented
ruminant is safe for human consumption
ruminant is high
ruminant is taken off pasture and fattened on grain
ruminant is still controversial
ruminant is derived from three sources
ruminant is not able to make this chemical
ruminant is an animal that digests its food many times
ruminant is determined by two factors
ruminant is spending energy to
ruminant is a hoofed mammal that has a 3
ruminant is made up primarily of unfermented feed particles
ruminant is a natural product and any excess will be purged from the body
ruminant is rapidly growing in popularity as farmers find it puts a bloom on stock where nothing else can
ruminant is able to digest and assimilate
ruminant is slaughtered
ruminant is given
ruminant is less than 10%
ruminant is ultimately dependent upon a viable microflora for its vitamin b 12 requirements
ruminant is able grow
ruminant is smeared on a microscope slide and stained to highlight significant parts of the bacterial capsules
ruminant is an essential component of utilising marginal land in the eu in a sustainable way
ruminant is back
ruminant is not a direct physical threat to humans
ruminant is banned
ruminant is substantial
ruminant is a probable killersheep when an attack on the reporting citizen seemed imminent before he left and/or there have been visible physical
ruminant is given a large amount of a high carbohydrate feed that it is not accustomed to and therefore the bacteria and protozoa in the
ruminant is a hooved mammal that chews a cud and has a three or four
ruminant is unfounded
ruminant is any animal with multiple stomach chambers and no upper teeth in the front
ruminant is a pot
ruminant is an animal with an even number of toes
ruminant is setting a trap with "pig seed"
ruminant is also the animal that mountain and highland dwellers sacrifice when it comes to asking god for blessing harvest
ruminant is great as decoration for the new baby's room
ruminant is a
ruminant is able to take the residual energy from products of fermentation such as acetic
ruminant is what process? a
ruminant is an animal with four stomachs and which chews its cud
ruminant is disclosed
ruminant is defined and reviewed in the several sections preceding this one
ruminant is considerably more difficult than it is to change the body fat
ruminant is weaned
ruminant is by far the most useful and versatile animal on earth
ruminant is an animal that… has 4 stomachs can eat grasses helps the environment all of the above 11
ruminant is sacrificed at this feast to commemorate the intervention of the angel who stayed abraham's hand when he
ruminant is beneficial to composts
ruminant is physically capable of grazing only 8
ruminant is to take part in a multimedia production at the barbican
ruminant is critical to their performance
ruminant is less pronounced than in the monogastric animal
ruminant is defined for clarification purposes as "any member of the order of animals which has a stomach with four chambers through which feed passes in
ruminant is slightly less exciting than playing pong on quaaludes
ruminant is equipped with the rumen microbes to degrade and utilize such material for food production for humans
ruminant is unable to synthesize these vitamins
ruminant is divided
ruminant is completed after 75 days on average
ruminant is to decrease surface tension
ruminant is running for president
ruminant is the most important digester on your farm
ruminant is born
ruminant is substantial and high variable
ruminant is engorged with grain followed by a complete disappearance
ruminant is shedding lots of worm eggs
ruminant is needed some stunning before slaughtering
ruminant is followed within 2
ruminant is the species most sensitive to xylazine
ruminant is able to use
ruminant is sacrificed at this feast to commemorate the intervention of the angel who stayed abraham’s hand when
ruminant is important; receptors on the rumen wall; also
ruminant is
ruminant is toxic and can cause
ruminant is rather obvious and few drivers are likely to stop for fear of doing
ruminant is preferable surely to the priest
ruminant is content with whatever is already in its stomach
ruminant is difficult to measure by conventional means
ruminant is a mammal that chews cud and has four compartments in its stomach
ruminant is taken off pasture and fattened on an artificial grain diet
ruminant is an animal that has several stomachs

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