Happy Birthday?
2002-11-29 11:45:14 ET

Well, the weather's really yucky and I'm at work...so...no, not yet. Wow...27 years old today...and I still haven't done so much that I want to do yet. I'd better hurry. *sigh* Hopefully I'll feel better tonight when I go out but right now I'm pretty reflective and somewhat regretful. Terrible how birthdays are such cause for self-analysis.

2002-11-29 11:46:31 ET


2002-11-29 11:54:20 ET

Happy Birthday
weather sucks here too

2002-11-29 12:20:01 ET

Happy Birthday!

2002-12-03 10:21:26 ET

happie birthdaie.
weather in st. catherines is worse than TO.
Billy recognizes you from Savage.
The day before your birthday was the DJ's birthday.

Wow, lots of random information.

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