Neva is a river in Russia
2002-05-18 21:20:14 ET

What a sucky week I've had. It rained ALL THE TIME, I got sick and missed a day of work, and I generally felt really bad about myself. I'm feeling somewhat better emotionally and physically now, but wow, around Tuesday and Wednesday was bad. Glad it's over.

Now I can immerse myself again wholeheartedly into work where I'm in the middle of putting together a database and mass communications theory for my course at school. 800+ pages of reading, three assignments and an exam to be done over the next three months. I am going to have NO LIFE very soon. Well, as if I have one now. :) I may have to strike that line from my biography above about finding me most weekends in a club. Damn.

2002-05-19 03:52:47 ET

IT"S OK< I know how you feel. it's all worth it tough. Then you can get a really good job and make lots of money so you can be surronded by hot girls and things of the sort.. :D

2002-05-22 10:38:20 ET

So you drink Tim Horton's. my dad loves that stuff. Whenever he travels to Canada he brings some back.

2002-05-25 20:37:01 ET

Richmond hill is getting quite disgusting.

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