Back to work!
2003-01-06 10:08:59 ET

Wonderful, joyous holidays my ass! I was becoming terminally bored and was watching entirely too many dumb talk shows about transexual adulterers who have gone from fat to all that and need paternity all runs together in my memory. It was nice to see family for Xmas and friends for New Year, however. The presents were a touch on the utilitarian side (yay pans...yay underwear) and the party was restrained because someone brought their new baby to it. On the whole...BLAH. Not entirely good, not entirely bad, it all just was. Goodbye 2002 and good riddance!

I did get myself a digital camera during the Boxing Day sales, so new pics will be showing up here shortly!

2003-01-07 04:46:11 ET

what kind of camera?

2003-01-07 12:02:50 ET

That one. Nothing tremendously special, but it works.

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