2003-02-07 12:51:09 ET

It's Friday...which means the weekend...which means going OUT! Having been sick with a cold the past week and only just gotten better, I'm really looking forward to getting out of the house, even if it is just to the fetish night at Vatikan. Yeah...whip me, beat me, make me drink beer!

Hopefully the weekend will be enjoyable, because when I come back to work, I have to figure out how to save a million dollars and then how to show that we've saved that much. Unfortunately, I don't get to keep it when I do. :(

2003-02-07 12:57:41 ET

I'd damand a percentage of the money I save, damnit.
Like 110% of it.

2003-02-12 16:17:18 ET

you weren't one of those two guys that wore that chain-n'-leather wedgie right?

2003-02-13 13:07:54 ET

LOL! No - I wasn't that desperate for clean laundry. Unlike the one guy, I have no metal through my wee-wee to attach the chains to either.

2003-02-13 17:47:53 ET

Everyone was discusing the possibility of that guy that's wearing a 1" cock piece to FORGE a larger cock.

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