Partytime in Toronto
2003-03-03 11:40:50 ET

Last Saturday I attended what must surely be one of the most well-documented birthday parties ever, as a videocamera and 4 people (including myself) with digital cameras roamed around while Baby Duck claimed more victims. Much fun and embarassing photos were had by all. At least it was better than Friday at Savage, where some woman with fake fangs told me all about how she was going to audition for Playboy soon. *roll eyes*

2003-03-03 11:50:44 ET

The bottom of your shoe gets me all hot and bothered.

2003-03-03 11:57:41 ET

you should have whipped out your camera and told her you'd help her with her demo shots. AWWW YEAH

2003-03-03 13:01:09 ET

That's nothing, Bio. Wait until you see the bottoms of my 18-hole Undergrounds with the screws in them.

As for doing her audition demo Let's just say that I don't think she has a great chance of landing a modeling career. Of course, I couldn't take a real good look because the fangs and the alcohol she'd had were making her slur and do her best impression of a lawn sprinkler.

2003-03-04 12:09:24 ET

gee golly, at least you attract the opposite sex and Bio well.

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