The things you find unexpectedly...
2003-03-10 07:43:52 ET

While I was looking for information on how to fix a corrupted file, I came across this:

"Sometimes, even when we let the Lord to scan the corrupted files in our life, the files get fixed but a little while later, the files appear, sometimes in worst forms. We ask again the Lord to scan us again but again after scanning and being fixed, it appears again. One only can wonder why?"

Why, indeed...

2003-03-10 08:26:50 ET

better to pray to Satan.

2003-03-10 12:52:35 ET

I simply don't have the creativity to relate all social and technological matters with God. I really can't relate excretion with God, most of all.

2003-03-10 17:41:10 ET

God = Windows

Satan = Linux

2003-03-11 07:28:19 ET

Mac OS = ???

2003-03-11 10:44:43 ET


2003-03-11 12:35:08 ET


2003-03-11 20:03:32 ET

MacOS leads you to annihilation and a resulting absence of suffering?

2003-03-12 07:09:12 ET

MacOS lets you know that all life is suffering, and that is good. ;)

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