When Knitting Attacks
2003-03-21 10:20:18 ET


This is just wrong on so many levels.
"Saddam is 100% hand crocheted from acrylic yarn, stuffed with polyester fiber fill (which makes him non-allergenic - and will keep him soft and cuddly for generations to come!) and features astonishing detail, including protruding belly, bubble butt, bushy mustache, and lifelike (yarn) hair. His arms and legs are jointed so that he is posable, and his plastic eyes convey a look of droopy bewilderment."

I'm amazed someone would take time to crochet and sell these.

By the way, happy anniversary to me! Now begins my second year on SK.

2003-03-21 10:37:27 ET

oh my god!
he's even anatomically correct ... and you can shove a missile up his butt and he sings god bless america
That's so horrible.
But amusing at the same time ...

that person has wayyy too much time on their hands

2003-03-21 10:38:40 ET

*nearly dies laughing*

2003-03-22 05:37:32 ET

Happy SKbirthday, mo'fo.

I don't trust anything that's pronounced crotch-ett.

2003-03-23 22:02:47 ET

Damn americans have no clue what's going on in their nutshell.

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