For the truly dedicated parent...
2003-04-12 22:51:26 ET

If only my parents had had this book, my shaved head might be perfectly shaped instead of having various odd bumps. Granted, I might be mentally retarded, but wow would I have an aesthetically pleasing head!

2003-04-13 00:11:24 ET

my head is the epitome of round. my head is so round that when my head lays on a flat surface, it rolls

2003-04-13 06:13:27 ET

I was so traumatized by my parents not getting that book that I've been forced to grow my hair long due to the shame I would face every day by not having a perfectly round head.

Stop it!! Don't stare at my malformed, bumpy head!!!


2003-04-14 09:42:03 ET

I would like a bound Incan head, please.

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