The fun's not over yet!
2003-04-16 08:47:40 ET

Thanks for reconsidering, m0xie. Though as a result of all this I now have two journals. More updating, more friends, more drama! Eeek!

2003-04-16 08:51:07 ET

well, seeing as how the drama quotient on is automatically zero...right? right?

2003-04-16 09:04:19 ET

oh axo, are you going to start crying like a river now?

2003-04-16 09:27:06 ET

I done my crying for the day, biznatch. ;) And they were tears of joy.

2003-04-18 02:40:34 ET

i'm a netjournal_dramawhore.
i'll attempt to provide decent drama for you.

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