Yay, raise-o-rama!
2002-06-06 16:49:54 ET

So the final proposed collective agreement for me and my 13,000 closest co-workers was revealed yesterday and it looks pretty good. Between the base increase and my next steps up the wage scale, I'll be getting a raise of 16% this year and 13% next year. :) As long as I keep doing my job well, I'm all set to get a new apartment. Whee!

I started yet ANOTHER course today - this one an on-line course at work for SQL Server administration. All this education will make my head explode. Ew...bits of bone with shaved scalp attached and a blood/brain paste everywhere. I can solve your interior decoration dilemmas today! Just give me another book...

2002-06-06 17:02:55 ET

i KNEW there was a reason my monthly internet access charges were going up! heh

congrats ;)

2002-06-07 11:13:36 ET

wow. Damn! Congratulations!!!!!

2002-07-04 17:07:10 ET


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