A toy almost as funny as the Nimbus vibrating broom
2003-04-19 17:00:06 ET


It's BDSM for kids! I wonder if they don't have a little play riding crop to go with this.

2003-04-19 18:03:20 ET

why didnt they have this when i was a kid...

2003-04-19 18:09:08 ET

My only question is...how did you find this? :)

2003-04-19 18:21:38 ET

It brings an all new meaning to "go play with the neighbor kid".

2003-04-20 13:41:23 ET

Someone linked to it on FARK. At any rate, the expression on the little boy's face is just priceless.

2003-04-20 18:23:39 ET

HA ha ha, I though you might have had an infatutation with childrens playthings ;)

I admit, the expression was funny...and wrong

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