Another odd and disturbing product
2003-04-20 13:48:47 ET

"DOCTOR-APPROVED Scientific Breakthrough that will transform a Non-Virgin girl into a complete virgin! Experience the pain and bleeding on the first night as if you were a real virgin!"

"We guarantee:

1. Your vagina will become tighter than a virgin's.

2. You will feel the pain during sex.

3. Blood will come out and will stick to his penis on the first night after using the formula.

4. The blood will be exactly the same as that of a virgin, even containing real pieces of hymen tissue. "

Ew. Ew ew ew!

2003-04-20 14:04:28 ET

Ok, so I just sat there and read all of that... and yes, ew.

My next question, where's the kit to make a guy a virgin again too?

2003-04-20 14:08:52 ET

No kit necessary. You just don't get any for long enough and poof! Re-virginity. I should know. :-P

2003-04-20 14:10:02 ET

Or at least the mind-frame of one.
I've the ugre go to seriously and wrongly hurt the stupid male that did this website.

2003-04-21 13:03:51 ET

this should be a hit in [certain parts of the world]. X(

2003-04-22 15:35:46 ET

that is the grossest thing

2003-04-24 07:36:50 ET

we ARE part of the anti-christ society after all.

probably a mixture of lime juice, alcohol and pork blood mixed in tofu skins is shot in a female for $199 + applicable tax. Imagine shitting that stuff out after sex in the middle of a honeymoon.

I'm sure there are bigger sell-outs out there.

2003-05-04 14:56:16 ET

Its nice how they spelled "guarntee" in the side bar menu

2003-05-06 15:14:44 ET

"You don't need your virginity: you need his love, trust and happiness."

Yes! Gain your man's trust by lying to him and pretending you're a virgin!

That's so disturbing.

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