This guy deserves to be tarred and feathered!
2003-05-07 11:07:05 ET

"Shuster has a long list of pending patents, including one for pop-up audio ads that cannot be turned off."

Somebody stop him before he invents again!

2003-05-07 11:35:57 ET

look at it this way:

if he starts suing pop-up places for royalties, they will surely become less of a problem...hopefully.

2003-05-07 12:03:35 ET

I hope that this gets the interest of the slash-d0t folks....maybe they will shut him DOWN.

2003-05-07 12:11:34 ET

assasinate him!

2003-05-07 14:13:49 ET

Audio ads that cannot be turned off sounds like it'll be an unholy blend of flash and javascript.

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