2003-06-07 19:52:48 ET

I'm just about to prove that the common wisdom of not posting to your journal drunk is true. Unfortunately, I'm here in the kitchen of a friend's place at a party where they have a computer (yes - these fellows are all big time computer geeks!). Much fun has been had so far with drink, cheesecake and clown porn. Yes. Clown porn.

2003-06-07 21:39:09 ET

::backs away from the clown porn::

2003-06-08 15:52:16 ET

You should post some censored clown porn up so I can know what it looks like.

2003-06-08 17:16:42 ET

It was the same as regular porn, except with makeup and clown noses. There is, I've found, a website dedicated to stopping this abuse of clowns.

That wasn't even the most disturbing porn that was shown. There was this other one which was a threesome on the beach. They were in the waves and the tide seemed to be coming up so that every so often the group would be washed over by the waves. Trouble is, the water was full of sand so it seemed like sand was getting into everything. Ow ow ow! There was also a video in which, for reasons that remain unclear, the money shots were done with special effects so that the "semen" shout out what looked like six feet, then disappeared. Most frightening!

2003-06-09 09:42:46 ET

you should open up a variety store that specializes in your resourceful collection of oddities.

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