Okay, I'm ready to diet now!
2002-03-31 16:05:03 ET

Last night was gluttony to end all gluttony! I was out for a birthday dinner at a chinese buffet restaurant and oh, how did I eat...honey-garlic ribs, sweet and sour chicken balls, baked salmon, wonton soup, rice, noodles, shrimp, orange chicken, mixed vegetables...and then a selection of many different kinds of dessert. Then it was off to the club for drinking and (a little) dancing. It was one of those special kinds of evenings when almost all of your friends show up, even the ones that haven't shown up in months. Afterwards, some of us went to another restaurant, where I had poutine (for those who aren't familiar with it, it's french fries with gravy and cheese) and a vanilla milkshake. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stuffed!

And now I am ready to go on a diet and lose weight. :)

2002-03-31 16:30:19 ET

Gluttony rox0rz.

2002-04-04 11:55:49 ET

Wow you ate about as much as I do in one meal.. minus the small baby. Of course i run like 4 miles everyday and each time I finish I am declared Dead until I drink some coffee.

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