"Look Jesus, we're taking your second coming ass down!"
2003-06-23 08:40:06 ET

I was at a fun barbecue this weekend that included the viewing of a rather strange, funny-bad movie called Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter. The storyline is essentially this: Jesus arrives to take down a group of vampires who have found a way of being outside during the day by using the skin of lesbians. He runs into trouble and so gets the help of a Mexican wrestler.

See the review and photos here: http://www.badmovies.org/movies/jesusvamp/

I highly recommend this as a movie that's funny for all the wrong reasons.

2003-06-23 09:09:29 ET


how on earth did you find this movie?

that sounds so horrible, yet so funny.

2003-06-23 09:16:10 ET

The mind boggles. That sounds like the best movie ever.

2003-06-23 10:39:15 ET

Thank God that site has a video clip on it ...
I'm sold!!

2003-06-23 12:43:31 ET

I will have to pick that up somewhere .. not in my town most likely in Dallas. Thanks for the tip!

2003-06-25 06:13:30 ET

I can't believe God let this movie happen.

2003-07-04 12:42:00 ET

haha my friend was talking about the movie last week! He found it at Borders. He kills Atheists!

2003-07-11 08:03:11 ET

A whole Jeep-load of them! For some reason left unexplained, Jeeps can contain up to thirty atheists.

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