Brainwashers 'R Us!
2003-07-04 11:54:34 ET,11913,987172,00.html

This article's about a scary-sounding facility in Jamaica that's essentially a private prison camp for teenagers. A Gitmo for the kiddies. The amazing thing is that parents actually pay $40,000 a year to have their children imprisoned there indefinitely. It's a lovely combination of a prison and a cult for one's misbehaving teens.

2003-07-04 14:23:35 ET

that is a pretty twisted article.

p.s. I really really like Canada alot, we are nice and safe here (for the most part).

2003-07-06 20:03:19 ET

you mean parents can't just lock the kid in their empty attic for 18 months, but they're paying $40,000 U.S. a year to have someone else make sure their kid lay on her face?

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