"Mon cher, je vous donnerai le monde"
2003-10-18 22:56:11 ET

My fingers glide over your skin, pressed close to me.
My breath in your ear, your moan deep in my throat.
Our heat, our sweat, staining the sheets.
Outside, the world smokes a cigarette,
and you and I
we exhale...

(for my girl. particulare.)

2003-10-18 23:42:56 ET

I love your name.

2003-10-19 06:09:26 ET

Thanks.... I like your page. I gotta get a book on HTML and have a bit of fun. Money, time...need more of it... grr.

2003-10-19 06:14:35 ET

thank you, doll.

2003-10-19 06:18:07 ET

It's one of my best pieces, and it was truly inspired by you (and to a lesser extent, me, but mostly you were the muse)

2003-10-19 08:34:43 ET

<--Didn;t make my page :(<BR> I know nothing about it

2003-10-23 06:57:29 ET

that's the kind of poetry i would like men to write about me. >:)

2003-10-23 06:58:18 ET

sensual - hot breath/quicksnap/stand back - vouyeristic, and sexy.

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