Pablo Picasso never got called an....
2003-10-19 16:53:00 ET

Just got back from the girl's place. Watched Lord of the Rings, Part Deux. Got me a coffee and Bowie to relax to.

It's been a busy week... Went to see Radiohead on Wednesday and saw Paul Weller on Friday.

So THAT'S why my bank balance sucks ass. Right.

Heading into the studio tomorrow. Yeah, that sounds glorified, but it really isn't. Hit a creative slump a little while ago. If there's anybody out there interested in being a model for me so I can get back into a groove (shake ya groove thang! get yer freak on!...what is a freak...uh-oh, here come the comments on that one).
Yeah, need models. Have a few ideas.

Oh, and check out this link. It's photography by a friend I have in the city. Puts me to shame, he does. Some work is inspired. His is Inspiring.
Tell me what you think, cause I already know what I think, and it gets lonely in my head sometimes.

2003-10-19 17:03:58 ET

His work is really beautiful.

2003-10-19 17:11:12 ET

I want to do a creative with him at some point... I have a few images I can only picture myself in... there's the Leo in me, being all vain again... DOWN, CAT! DOWN I SAY!!!

2003-10-19 17:23:26 ET

Aww damn that would mean more pictures of you we get to see. Darn!

2003-10-19 17:47:46 ET

Yeah, I know... More pics of my sickening mug... if anyone ever needed a facelift...

2003-10-19 18:28:22 ET

I really, really like his work.. and believe me- if I thought it was shite, I would say so.

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