Just another manic Monday....
2003-10-20 03:55:55 ET

I had a huge entry and then just decided it was way too personal and involved, and just outright soul-crushing to bear at such an early hour (yes 8:50 am is too early...it's Monday).

So I'll just say this....self-induced debt sucks ass, but I'm gonna plow through it... and then I'm going into politics. Or culinary. Maybe wrestling.

First I'll write a book: "My Life With ADD, or Hey What's That?"

back to work I suppose. blech. fridges suck. laundry teams suck (especially the front loading washers)..
Need a raise. Who wants one with me? Raise your hands if you want a raise.

"Bring back my ladder... it's the only way I'll ever get a raise in this place" -Dave Scott, the photographer I assist

2003-10-20 06:34:56 ET

I want one too!

2003-10-20 07:00:51 ET

you got it. how does a 200% raise sound? okok, you twisted my arm, 300%. But no more than ... alright, alright, 500%, but no higher.


2003-10-20 07:13:46 ET

Damn 500% raise I will work for you anytime

2003-10-20 07:57:13 ET

I like the idea for your tattoo. Though I could never be help with where it goes...half the reason I don't have more is I have NO idea where I should put them.

2003-10-20 14:22:19 ET

You are a doll. Just thought I would share.

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