2003-10-20 11:12:08 ET

I hate injuring myself on a Monday. It's a really bad way to start the week.
Here we go:
-splinter in right middle finger at 9:30am
-x-acto knife slice across left index finger at 2:00pm
-front-loading washer dropped on left foot at 2:45pm
I have 45 minutes to go. Can I do it withought having a fridge land on me?

We'll see...

2003-10-20 11:21:15 ET

well ...

if you come home flattened, i'll do my best to pop you back up again. :)

2003-10-20 11:30:55 ET

well, here's hoping you don't get smooshed by large appliances.

2003-10-20 12:02:16 ET

Those are some very vital places to smash!! *heals you*

2003-10-20 12:56:04 ET


2003-10-21 06:53:57 ET

ouch.....hi by the way

2003-10-21 07:01:22 ET

Hello and hello... and yes, ouch... fortunately nothing else's a new day, tho . . .

2003-10-21 07:04:25 ET

new days are always good, unless something else gets hurt, and then bad things happen which turn it into a bad week instead of just a bad day.

2003-10-21 08:36:03 ET

I hope everything heals.

I burned myself on the shrink-wrapper at my work :(


2003-10-21 09:18:43 ET

just don't shrink wrap your head...that wouldn't be good (personal experience I won't relate)

2003-10-21 09:30:05 ET


2003-10-21 16:05:53 ET

shrink wrap hehe, i can't imagine

2003-10-22 08:33:12 ET

OwwwwwWWWWWWWwwww!!! ;____;

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