2003-10-21 14:51:47 ET

The Girl is telling me that it's 27C (80F) back in Portland. Yeah, I'd like that! For current weather conditions in my little plot of the Earth, click here.

Knowing that other parts of the world are having nicer weather gets me all...all.... GRAGGHHHH!!!!

2003-10-21 14:55:30 ET

this has nothing to do with your post


2003-10-21 15:38:34 ET

I second that. ^ and the mod one is cute~ness

Well mr cat would you prefer extreme hot or extreme cold?
And why?

2003-10-21 18:31:47 ET

I'd really like to live in New England.... politics aside, I think America has the most beautiful landscape, and much of it is found in New England. Vermont and Maine are two states I'd dearly love to see, just for the beauty in the fall.
I've heard that the winters in Virginia don't last too long, either. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I like winter, but not the 7 months we tend to get here in Canada. Northern parts of the prairie provinces see winter for more like 8-9 months. I couldn't deal with that.
Coming from Ireland, tho, I appreciate the dry cold. Here, -40C is something you can insulate your body against, with a nice down-filled coat. But in Ireland, even 5C with the ever present dampness chills you to the bone, and no matter what you do, it keeps you freezing all winter.
I don't know if that answers the question...

2003-10-22 07:18:30 ET

maine is beautiful any time of the year you go (well, cept maybe winter--haven't been there for the snow yet).

i'm in the sf area/ca so i have the whole "mild weather" thing going all the time. heck, yesterday we were burning up.

2003-10-22 11:09:55 ET

actually, it answered it quite admirably :)
I'm stuck in Nevada for the time being, but it's alright as I like going around in tank tops.

But at SOME point I'll need to live in a place where I can actually wear all these jackets I've bought at thrift stores :)

Sorry about the crappy Ireland winter.

2003-10-23 15:51:36 ET

update for my hometown: they are set to get up to 82 deg. F (28C) over the weekend!
geddamn ... i need to get my ass back out West!

2003-10-23 15:52:11 ET


2003-10-23 15:52:47 ET

wanna run away with me?

2003-10-23 15:53:11 ET

yeah, ok

2003-10-23 15:54:07 ET

where to first?
Prague? The Yucatan?
Palermo? Madrid?

2003-10-23 15:54:49 ET

Casablanca (I'm such the romantic at heart)

2003-10-23 15:55:14 ET

"Of all the gin joints ..."

2003-10-23 15:57:02 ET

only I'd tell you to stay with me... Lazlo can find someone else to be the reason for his work... HEY LAZLO!!! LEARN TO BE A SELF-STARTER FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!

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