2003-10-21 19:28:17 ET

I really gotta learn when to go to bed... I think I'm one of the few who still believe sleep is a very necessary part of feeling complete...

If anyone has any ideas on toppling Dubya, let me know, I'd love to help.

I'm goin' ta bed... for real.

2003-10-21 19:32:38 ET

yes and yes

2003-10-21 19:38:50 ET

*feeds you it'll be more difficult to sleep*

2003-10-22 03:37:24 ET

I can sleep through hurricanes, air raids, nasty farts and rock concerts... chocolate ain't gonna do a thing!

2003-10-22 08:57:03 ET

alright...rock. Atleast im know im not the only one that can sleep through a circus

2003-10-22 12:42:19 ET

lol! you SO cannot sleep through all those things - hell, i should know! ;)

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