Things that really piss me off...
2003-10-22 03:50:08 ET

3. Ignorant people. Not the helplessly ignorant. They can be informed, educated and thus made into better individuals. No, I mean the bible thumpers and the closed-minded far right wingers that seem to crowd the subway, thinking their shit smells sweeter than the rest.

2. Pop music. The crap that is spewed out of Much Music and MTV makes me want to go postal. I mean why must the public be dumbed down by that kinda crap? Just another way of control, I s'pose. I'm not very happy about the current state of artistic affairs in the western hemisphere.

and the #1 thing that pisses me off on any given day
I mean really... if I ask for it black, I want it blacker than hell!
So my day has been shit on... I hadn't the time to go back and get a fresh cup. It'd be different if I wanted the cream, but instead got a black least then I could add the cream. But this is irreversible. Just like ignorant people on the subway, and bad pop music. The damage is done and there's no turning back.

Where's my gun? Get me my gun.

2003-10-22 04:29:07 ET

i do NOT like cream/milk in my coffee either. it's supposed to be better for you if you add it, since caffeine tends to suck some calcium from your body. but i dont really care. anyway, i like mine black, rich, and bitter or perhaps a shiteload of sugar on some other day.

2003-10-22 05:02:09 ET

people shouldnt put cream in anyone's coffee. that's for them to do. which is why dunkin donuts creeps me out.

2003-10-22 08:32:36 ET


i just recently bought a plastic cap gun. it smokes and makes a scary noise but i don't think it's very good at killing people..

2003-10-22 12:43:10 ET

i'm going to do what a good friend of mine does - carries a large airhorn whereever he goes.

2003-10-22 16:40:04 ET

alot of music wouldn't exist because of pop music. i think you need to be more specific. because alot of things are now pop music. granted a certain realm of pop music has a distinct sound, like the boy bands.. but once something becomes rather popular, it gets adopted by pop music.

i assume you mean the specific pop music though. death to ms. brittney spears. she makes me angry.

2003-10-23 03:45:27 ET

Fair enough, that's a good point. While I have both Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails in my library, one of them can easily be considered "pop". U2, although in my mind is purely a rock band, have also been classified as pop.They put out an album called "POP" (and it's really good, too). Hell, Elvis is pop.

So for the benefit of all (yeah, like yer all hangin' on my every word here), I'll clarify.

Bad "Pop" music to me is Spears, Aguillera, Blink 182, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Timber(f)lake, etc.

My Disclaimer...or rather, My Claimer.
If I've offended anyone's taste (I highly doubt it), I'm not sorry. That music is shite and my fiirst move as dictator of North America will be to destroy those CDs, burn the contracts and force record execs to work in used CD stores all over the country (United Provinces of CanAmerica... UPCA) so they can see where the garbage they choose to put out ends up.

Thank You
The President-Select (kinda like Bush in that way)

2003-10-23 05:36:51 ET

cheshire: u2's albumn "pop" is such a good albumn. it made me sad that most people in US didn't get the psuedo joke to the albumn and the songs and all of the weird publicity they did.

oh and i'm not offended in anyway. music that is pumped out by factories and made by no talent robots is sad. it makes me angry just thinking about all the talent that does exist that will never get its chance. brittney spears can't sing a lick and needs like many many muscicians a voice multiplier and key correcter. With all the shit they do to artist's voices stephan hawking could come out sounding like brittney.

but for the love of my sanity i bed that you please keep christina aguilara because she is talented and i need someone to belt out singing to while driving. :)

2003-10-23 06:13:31 ET

My Girl would agree with you there, about Christina. And actually I take it back. She is very talented. She just gets mixed in there with all the other nuts, just because she's in the same genre. But her fame in Brazil came long befor anything was heard of here in N. America.

2003-10-23 06:18:01 ET

I was making a coffee for someone at my old job. He asked for cream. I stuffed the coffee with like ... 6-7 dollar bills.

He was angry but couldn't bring himself to yell at me.

Sorry, just an anecdote.

2003-10-23 06:46:30 ET

That's a weird thing to do to a coffee. But I'll keep that in mind next time my photographer pisses me off...

2003-10-23 07:58:03 ET

Oh ... explanation ... cream is slang for money for some people.

2003-10-23 08:06:47 ET

ahhh....that makes a whole lot more sense.

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