Northern Bound
2003-10-24 03:51:58 ET

So I go to North Bay later today (hey, I'm a poet and didn't occur to me). Not sure what I'll do other than see my friend Rob, maybe firebomb Mike Harris's birthplace.

Just finished the first chapter of Dude, Where's My Country?. I put it down for a little bit so I could reflect on Stupid White Men. So when does Bush get toppled from power? And will anybody vote for the Green Party? I mean, the Democrats are truly whipped by the Republicans, so there's no point in voting for them.

I think the whole world should vote in the next election, given that the actions of the President of the U.S.A. (POTUSA) affects the lives of everyone in the world. So we should have a say too. Man, what an election that would be.

Free-thinkers and leftys of the world unite!

Well, one can only hope, right?

2003-10-24 04:05:31 ET

That would be a bloody BRILLIANT idea.

If that were an option, the chimp in the whitehouse would be impeached so fast, I think he'd fly into last week.

2003-10-24 05:24:49 ET

Can we recall the governor of Cali too please. Get him and bush out!

2003-10-24 06:49:23 ET

Like I said somewhere else on SK, when I'm dictator of The United Provinces of CanAmerica (UPCA), things will change. More money to education, healthcare, research and development of eco-safe power sources, and a wider range of vegetarian foods, coupled with a full investigation and restructuring of the meat industry. I'm all for people choosing to eat meat. I'm just weening myself off it.

Do I have anyone ready to help my campaign?

2003-10-24 07:02:37 ET

Oh, and St. Patrick's Day and March 18th (the day after) will be paid holidays.
And work weeks will be 4 10 hour days. It's WAY better than 5 8 hour days, trust me on this one!
And like Dalton, I'll freeze car insurance. Then I'll make it gov't controlled, so that the business sector can't raise their rates arbitrarily.
I'll push ahead the Kyoto agreement, reduce emissions by 50% within the first year of my reign.
Nader will be my Vice-Dictator. (there's that poetry thing again).

Any opinions?
Ah, dreams...they are fun... *pop* back to reality, I s'pose.

2003-10-24 08:04:49 ET

*votes for you*

I think that is a brilliant idea, to get the world in on our presidental election. :) Actually, the world will vote in its own way, it just won't be at a US ballot box.

2003-10-24 09:08:23 ET

Hell you would have my vote.

2003-10-24 09:43:56 ET

Aside from Sadam, do dictators really get voted in? (I say aside from Sadam because the whole armed gun-man in the voting polls with you isn't really the shining light of a democratically elected dictator...)

2003-10-24 09:53:13 ET

wider range of vegetarian foods!! *dances*

2003-10-24 10:14:25 ET

A dictator can be voted in. You can go through the whole election process, garner support and votes, then once your in, listen to absolutely no one, and tell the people "This is what I'm doing, whether you like it or not".
Bush is basically a dictator. Just the bad type.
I'd be the good type. Trust me.

2003-10-24 10:16:45 ET

I'm sure that a benevolent dictatorship would be an interesting gov't, to say the least.. but I worry about the whole "absolute power" corruption factor.

2003-10-24 10:17:56 ET

"but if absolute power was given to someone from subkultures we could all be his enforcers.

2003-10-24 10:20:47 ET

Or said dictator could get tired of us and nuke us. =P

2003-10-24 10:21:53 ET

But I would be safe.

Because I'm in Ottawa, and thats OBVIOUSLY where our dear dictator would want to set up shop. ;)

2003-10-24 10:22:08 ET

God Mark just kill it for us :)

2003-10-24 10:22:52 ET



2003-10-24 10:23:46 ET

You'll all be my Leutenants. A few will be Captains and Majors, etc.
And about absolute power? I have this really gracious streak in me. Whenever I have money I just love spending it on others (ask Antoire 'bout that one). If I'm having a good time I want everyone around me to have a good time too. I hate being at a really great party ('specially one I'm throwing) and seeing people not having a good time. So that's the way I view governing. If you love your country, you want everybody to have a good time in your country. If the bar doesn't have your favourite drink, then we'll get it for you! Or a decent substitute.

2003-10-24 10:27:34 ET

I'm sold!

2003-10-24 12:19:30 ET

good... I'll start putting together a pamphlet in photoshop. We'll be well on our way to regime change!

2003-10-24 13:27:42 ET

If you think about it there is no political 'group' worth voting for. Besides everyone knows anyway the green party is a flop because it will sadly always be republican, and democrat.
But i'm all for your idea, I might be a native texan, but seriously they should never put one in office.
Especially when they mispronounce words on public debates.

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