From the Far North
2003-10-25 14:21:05 ET

Hey all... North Bay's cold. Saw the Northen Lights last night on the drive up. That has to be one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. It was like the whole night sky was on fire. Imagine what the first nations thought when they first saw the solar flares in the atmosphere.

Anyhow. All there is to do up here is drink and watch hockey. Not that I mind, but it would be very boring if I had to be up here for much longer than, say, 3 days.

That and it's vertually impossible to be a vegetarian in this town. Today I ate pork. Cause there wasn't any chicken. I feel a little... off now.

Anyway. I'll post again on Monday, probably. I'm lacking anything inspirational to say. The game is on (hockey). Should go and support my Leafs (The Toronto Maple Laughs).

Take good care of yourselves!

2003-10-25 21:51:59 ET

Drink and watch hockey!? Where do I sign up? ;)

And I plan to see the Northern Lights one of these days. My parents went on a vacation up north many years ago and said they were wonderful. I hate being cold, but I think it'd be well worth the trip.

2003-10-26 19:29:59 ET

man, i would do anything to see those, it must have been beautiful

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